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Great app, los of delicious food recipes

Kate has gone to great lengths to provide us with an easy app to follow for healthy recipes that are outstanding! I wish the app had a place to record notes about the recipe. Whether it’s modifying ingredients or how it tasted or turned out. I would like to take notes. Is this a possibility?

Recipes great, app not so much

Paid for the app, searched using “avocado dip” and nothing appropriate came up. Had to go to website to search same thing for what I was looking for. Tried searching app for tomato sauce and first result was for apple sauce??? Searching on the website was bad enough, searching in the app is just ridiculous! Waste of money. Just deal with the website for recipes you know and love.

Crashes iPad after Update

I was able to use the app for a couple of months without problem. Then, after an update, it started crashing my device. It still updates the recipes, but every time I open the app now, I get a log in screen, and no matter whether I try to log in or skip the screen, boom, there it goes. So far, I have not been able to get any actual tech help with this issue, but it's certainly starting to make me cranky. After all, the app was not free.


I love cookie and Kate and have all my mom friends using it too! It’s the hot topic of what recipes we have tried out- and I would recommend it to anyone interested in energizing their kitchen!

Only 100 recipes

Unfortunately only 100 of her recipes are in the app, so if you have favorites outside of that 100 your out of luck. I'll adjust my review and rating when they expand the recipes. Other than that the features are great for what's here.

No printing capability from the app

When I am at certain stores I do not have an internet connect and I am not able to view the recipes from the app. I certainly should not have to email the recipe and then print it from that. How can I print the recipes from the app? Thank you in advance,

Love it!

Makes cooking some of my favorite C+K recipes even easier! I love the built in timers that continue as you’re completing multiple steps. The guided voice instructions and the app not going dim on you is such a life saver when your hands are inevitably covered in sauce and cheese and you have no idea which lasagna layer comes next. Love this app!

Nice App But...

I love the Cookie and Kate blog. I even have the cookbook on my kindle. I had issues logging into the app but luckily they were fixed! I’m enjoying the app so far but I hope more recipes are added soon. Having to go from the app to the site is a bit annoying.

Simple and easy navigate

Lord knows I’m not Emeril Lasagna, but this thing made me feel like a whiz in the kitchen. Girlfriend is a vegetarian, so decided to cook her a meal and found this app. The step by step with voice made it pretty simple. She loved the meal and while the sweet potato burrito bowl wasn’t a smoked brisket, it was actually pretty awesome. Bam!

Missing recipes

Many of my favorite recipes from the website are missing, like toasted muesli with almonds, coconut and dark chocolate. It’s not worth the money if it’s missing a dozen of my favorite recipes from the website. Now I’m keeping track of her recipes in two places and I’m back to the where-was-that problem

Wonderful recipes and a great app!

I’ve been using C+K recipes for years for everything from breakfast to potluck dinner offerings. I’m so glad the app has a way to save my favorites for easy reference and the timers are so helpful! Great work!

Love Cookie and Kate and this app!

I’m a big fan of Cookie and Kate and couldn’t wait to download this app! Just like her blog and book, it’s beautifully designed and easy to navigate. The built-in timers are awesome and I think it’s pretty neat that Kate reads the recipes out loud. Definitely recommend!

My new fav cooking app

I’ve always loved the Cookie + Kate blog and I’m so excited she has her own app! All the recipes are so good and the photos are beautiful. Thanks Kate, this is my new favorite app

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